Customer Testimonials

Many of our customers have been kind enough to write about their experiences of working with us. Here are a few.

In Their Own Words

"Hill Country Home Solutions is the rarity found in the home improvement business, a company that does great work, charges a fair price, and is completely upfront and honest about every detail of the project. I have used Hill Country Home Solutions for my home and office and always have been extremely pleased with their craftsmanship and professionalism."

"The owner, Kevin, has also donated his knowledge and skills to assist in the construction of The Miracle League Field, a non-profit baseball field for disabled children. I was so impressed with not only his profession conduct and quality work, but with his comittment to our community."

"I would not hesitate to use Kevin for any construction project or recommend his company to those in need of any home improvement or repair services."

Steve Brown
Board Member - Town and Country Optimist Club
President and Founder - Miracle League of Town and Country
President - 1% Realty

"I have had two roofs replaced by Hill Country Home Solutions as a result of hail storms. They worked with our Insurance and was able to get additional money from them that they were not originally willing to pay. Kevin was always on time, on budget, always followed through with what was discussed and really seemed to have my best interests at heart. His crew did a great job both times, and all the work was completed within the same day!"

"I would recommend Kevin with Hill Country Home Solutions to anyone, and in fact I have recommended him to many friends, neighbors, my own aunt and recently my mother. Should we ever get caught in a baseball sized hail event, Kevin will be THE GUY I call the next morning."

Richard Hasting
Sail Point Technologies

"During the process of putting our house on the market and commuting to Seattle for my new job, we discovered that we were in need of a new roof in a very short time."

"Because I could not be present to oversee the work, I really needed someone who I could trust to take care of my home and look out for my family while I was away. Kevin, with Hill Country Home Solutions was a blessing from God. I put my entire trust in Kevin and he never let us down. I left for Seattle and when I returned 3 days later, it was as if he was never there and I had a new roof."

"We were very happy with the work and even more grateful for Kevin personal care. He not only did a wonderful job on our home, he also made sure we were well taken care of throughout the process."

"Hill Country had also did several other smaller projects for us to help get out house ready for sale and I would absolutely recommend Hill Country Home Solutions for any home improvement project in the future."

James Rivera
Founder and COO
Coastal Point Solutions

"After the big hail storms that hit, I was overwhelming with all the roofing companies that were suddenly knocking on our door and I wasn't sure who to trust. After seeing the situations many of my neighbors had gone through, I made my decision to work with Hill Country based on the fact that they were clearly a faith based company.

From the very first meeting, Kevin was completely honest and upfront with me and never made any promises that he didn't follow through with. He really took the time to explain the entire insurance process to me and even took on the burden of providing the insurance with all documentation they needed."

"When it was all said and done, we got a free upgrade to a lifetime shingle and he covered a portion of our deductible by "renting" our yard to post his sign, and paying us for a referral."

"My experieince with Kevin and Hill Country Home Solutions was such an unexpected pleasure, from start to finish, completely professional, honest and sincere. I would highly recommend their services."

Jim Bishop
Plano, Texas

"After the recent hail storms that hit and seeing every house in our neighborhood getting their roof replaced, I had called my Insurance Company. The Insurance guy came out and looked at my roof and advised me that I did not have any damage. Sometime later, I had came across the Hill Country Home Solutions Blog Spot and read a very informative article about storm damage and the insurance industry. There was several things that I read that made me start to wonder if my insurance really had my best interest at heart when it came time to file a claim. Having nothing to loose, and at the minimum, complete peace of mind to gain, I called Hill Country Home Solutions to get a second opinion on the condition of my roof."

Kevin had come out and inspected my roof. He then advised me that there was indeed hail damage and recommended to have the insurance company come back out and he would meet them on the roof to go over the damage he had found. Kevin was so professional and even pointed out that this most likely wasn't an intentional effort by the insurance company to deny my claim, but most likely a 'rookie' in the industry since many insurance companies have been hiring adjustro's with little experience to help handle the volumes of claims that had been coming in"

"The insurance company did finally pay for a complete roof replacement, gutters and re-staining my deck. Hill Country Home SOlutions worked with my insurance company to negotiate pricing and completed all the work to our home within 3 days."

I highly recommend Hill Country Home Solutions and I am very pleased with the service and quality of work they had provided me."

Dan Worley
austin, TX

"I used Hill Country Home Solutions to replace my roof after one of the infamous Austin March hail storms. After all the trouble I saw my neighbor go through with another contractor, I am very glad I hired Hill Country. The crews came out as schedule and completed the job in one day making it very convenient for me. They had even worked with my Insurance Company to get additional funds they initially were not willing to pay. I recommend Hill Country Home Solutions for any construction work knowing that they will be there to back it up."

Chris Dunn
Austin, TX

"Hill Country Home Solutions had repaired my hail-damaged roof and replaced several worn roof vents at a fair price and with exceptional care."

"Recently, they also put in a solar-powered attic ventilation fan to help keep our attic and house cooler. I was amazed at the results. Comparison to a similar month showed a 24% savings with the fan!"
"I would definitely recommend Hill Country Home Solutions and would call on them again."

Gary Bourque
Austin, Texas
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