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  • May 2014 --Story written about owner, Kevin Thompson, appears on the front page of Northshore Star.
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  • March 2014 --Hill Country Home Solutions opens new offices in Jonestown, Texas.
  • February 2104 --Hill Country Home Solutions becomes an Owens Corning Preferred Roofing Contractor.
  • November 2013 -- Hill Country Home Solutions becomes an authorized dealer of Simonton Windows, a JD Powers Award Winner For Best In Customer Satisfaction 4 Consecutive Years.
  • September 2012 --Hill Country Home Solutions becomes authorized dealer in Austin area for PlyGem Windows and Doors.
  • May 2012 --Hill Country Home Solutions becomes authorized dealer in the Austin area of the AtticBreeze™ Solar Attic Fans.
  • April 2012 --Hill Country Home Solutions launches new website focused on home energy efficiency.
  • February 2012--Hill Country Home Solutions Incorporates, board members assigned
  • September 2011 --Hill Country Home Solutions opens Dallas office.
  • March 2011 -- Hill Country Home Solutions becomes authorzied dealer of Radiaflect™ Reflective Insulation.
  • May 2010 --Hill Country Home Solutions becomes authorized dealer of Solex™ Solar Attic Fans.
  • March 2010 --Hill Country Home Solutions opens Cedar Park Office.
  • February 2010 --Rebuilding efforts in Galveston comes to a close with a total of 26 homes being rebuilt with no cost to the homeowner. Total of 5,620 volunteers. What an amazing 16 months!
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  • 2009 --averaging at 100 volunteers a day during spring break and summer months, Warrior4Christ continues to lead the rebuilding efforts in Galveston, TX.
  • Owner of Hill Country Home Solutions, and Founder and Director of Warrior4Christ Ministries is recognized by Galveston city for his contributions in the wake of this disaster.
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  • November 2008 --Partnering with Campus Crusade for Christ and other non-profit organization, Warrior4Christ Ministries begins rebuilding efforts in Galveston using volunteer labor and donated materials. Aid is provided to homeowners with no insurance or financial ability to make repairs themselves.
    Click here to watch videos detailing our response to this disaster.
  • Novemeber, 2008 -- Kevin Thompson, owner of Hill Country home Solutions and Founder of Warrior4Christ Ministries, named one of seven project managers for rebuilding of Galveston Island after Hurricane Ike.
  • October, 2008 -- Warrior4Christ, a non-profit organization, is formed in the wake of Hurricane Ike. Founded by the owner of Hill Country Home Solutions, the faith-based organization will provide relief to those needing help on Galveston Island.

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